The Island Trail Canoe Safari

Lower Zambezi
$645 per person
Max group size: 
Guided by the gentle flow of the Zambezi downstream, we travel through some of Africa's most spectacular scenery and wildlife for 2 days. On the 3rd day we don' turn back, but go further down the river before we see it widening and breaking up into various channels and islands. We then spend our day exploring the islands and watching the abundance of wildlife this part of the river has to offer. As with all our canoe trips, we start and end at Zambezi Breezers lodge.

Transfers from Lusaka on the day of the safari are possible. Alternatively, check into the lodge the night before so that you wake up feeling rested and ready for your safari.

Your Journey
During the hot summer months we aim for an early morning departure. This enables us to canoe at cooler and more comfortable temperatures. During the hottest part of the day, we will seek shade on the riverbank, have an alfresco lunch and perhaps indulge in a siesta afterwards.

Day 1
We start our tour with a safety briefing and an introduction to canoes, each other and the area. After we have covered the essentials, we start our journey on the Zambezi River.

We aim to cover between 12 - 15 km per day. We will have lunch on an island before paddling through to the evening-camp around 5 o'clock . On this trip we will all get involved in setting up the camp, so that we can relax and enjoy our first African sunset before gathering round a fire for dinner.

Day 2
An early rise to take advantage of cooler morning temperatures, followed by coffee and snacks and we're back on the water. After a few hours canoeing, we stop off for breakfast before setting off downstream again. To allow the mid-day sun to cool, we will have a relaxed lunch under a tree on the riverbank, whilst watching the wildlife. Mid-afternoon will see us on our way again as we  head towards our island campsite.

Day 3
Following our now established routine for breakfast, we head out early on the river. This day becomes more interesting as the river splits into a multitude of channels, where the guide can break off into the quieter back waters for a different perspective. Gently paddling past it, we will see the diverse abundance of wildlife in the wider part the river.

On our final evening, we set up camp on an island called Nyamangwe.

Day 4
Breakfast is served on the island and followed by a leisurely 5 km paddle through some of the many channels of the river to the end of the canoeing safari.

We try to be on dry land by mid-day to meet our support vehicle for the return road-transfer to Zambezi Breezers. This is normally a 3-hour journey, with all the canoes and equipment loaded on a trailer. The road back takes us through the game management area and provides another opportunity to spot animals. We also pass through several fishing villages, allowing us to appreciate the age-old local way of life of the locals. Before arriving though, we have to cross the Kafue River on a ferry, which is often an experience in itself.

By 2.30pm we should be back at the lodge, allowing adequate time for those going to Lusaka on the same day to do so.